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Indiana E-Learning Academy supports Indiana public and non-public elementary and secondary schools by providing technology-related staff development. We have highly-qualified trainers throughout the state who are available to perform training at your school, covering the approved training topics*. IDOE will only pay for training on technology integration, not basic "how-to" training on any computer program.

  1. A school representative (typically a technology director or principal) will need to complete a training request form.
  2. The IDOE program coordinator will process the request and, if the training is approved, will check the availability of trainers.
  3. The school contact will be notified as to whether or not your request will be funded**. If your request is approved, your assigned trainer will be in touch to work out training details.
  4. The training session is conducted as scheduled.
  5. After the training session has occurred, the school representative and the trainer will be asked to complete an evaluation form.

Training Topics List

Accessing Internet Resources to Develop and Enhance Instructional Materials

You’ve found the Internet helpful for shopping and vacation planning, why not use it to find the latest materials and new ideas for teaching?? You will be guided through the Internet to identify the best resources for curricula and instruction. Emphasis will be placed upon identifying resources that are aligned to Indiana Academic Standards, and you’ll review web sites created for teachers in Indiana. Additional web sites targeted to specific subject areas and grade levels will be examined, and you will receive a list of great sites for K-12 teachers that will be a resource after the session. Teachers should come with ideas/projects on topics they would like to explore with the Internet resources that will be provided.

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Exploring Data Using a Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, Star Office)

In this workshop you will learn how to use spreadsheet software to analyze and explore student dada and integrate spreadsheets across the curriculum. A spreadsheet is a tool used to organize information in rows and columns. Learn how you can analyze the data stored in those rows and columns, perform calculations on the data, and display the data in a graph. Spreadsheets can help students visualize, understand, and predict data patterns. Explore resources on the Internet for successful integration into the K-12 curriculum and browse existing student projects. Discover how you can use spreadsheets for calendars, weekly lesson planning, class lists, recording progress, and more.

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Locating Indiana Standards-Based Lessons

How would you like to find the most complete, up-to-date and peer-endorsed site on the Web for teachers? Just visit Indiana’s Academic Standards and Resources. Several state agencies have partnered to create this site which contains curriculum frameworks, classroom assessments, and MarcoPolo lessons, all aligned to Indiana standards. You will review the best of these resources and learn how to explore the vast database using Indiana-specific tools on your own.

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Managing Student Information Using Edline

E-Learning Academy provided grants to schools to purchase Edline, which allows schools to share information from their student management system with parents. We no longer provide grants, but we still support all Indiana schools which use Edline. Learn how to use the main features of Edline, how to start a new semester or school year, and more.

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Saving and Organizing Files Using E-Locker

Do you have problems with students bring disks (and viruses) to your school computers? Do you want an easy way for your teachers and students to save and access files at school and at home? E-Locker provides users 50MB of storage which is accessible from any computer with Internet access. We will train a group of teachers on the ins and outs of E-Locker.

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Teacher Tools for the Classroom with Word Processors (Microsoft Word, Star Office)

How do you use word processors with your students? Did you say "to write (research) papers? How would like to learn about other ways you and your students can use a word processor? Learn how to create newsletters, timelines, forms and outlines. You'll also learn to liven text documents with pictures, clip art, tables, and charts and graphs. Plus, explore word processing resources on the Internet.

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Teaching Students Evaluating Web-Based Content

The information source your students use most frequently is likely to be the Internet. They will have little trouble actually gathering information these days. In fact they will be flooded with it. Selecting the “best stuff” is going to their real challenge. It is up to us as teachers to help them to understand that the quality of information varies greatly. The Internet has no “filter” for quality, taste, or reliability. Anyone can publish anything on the Internet. Can the Internet still be a solid source of information for our students? Absolutely! It is exciting to have access to thousands of perspectives, constantly breaking news and information that is both visually entertaining and informative. But if we are to maintain high expectations of student research efforts and their information products, we need to offer them guidance and practice in the thoughtful evaluation of sources (Valenza, 2001).

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Using a Graphic Organizer to Inspire Readers and Writers (Inspiration, Kidspiration, CMap)

Powered by the proven techniques of visual learning, graphic organizers support improved achievement for students of all ages. You will learn how graphic organizers strengthen critical thinking, comprehension and writing across the curriculum, and provide easy tools for students to structure research or other thought processes. Graphic organizers use integrated diagramming and outlining environments which work together to help students comprehend concepts and information. You will use the graphic organizer of your choice to customize instruction, achieve Indiana Academic standards, assess student progress, and energize learning.

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Using EZ Website to Create Classroom Web Sites

Did you know that designing your own classroom web site can be quick and easy? EZ Website allows teachers to create web sites in less than the time it takes to plan a lesson. In this session you’ll be given access to the online tools and taken through the steps to create your own web site. Come empty-handed but full of ideas, and you’ll leave with a web site (or at least a start).

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Using Presentation Software to Enhance Instruction (Microsoft PowerPoint, Star Office)

In this workshop you will use presentation software in conjunction with the Indiana Academic Standards and current teaching materials to enhance classroom instruction practices. Also, you will learn how students can utilize this multimedia tool to present their mastery of the subject matter and reinforce and enrich the learning process.

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WebQuests: Bringing It All Together

If you’re like most teachers, you get excited about new ideas for helping students learn and grow. Your spirits quickly sink when you remember your already bursting curriculum requirements and the logistical demands of classroom teaching. WebQuests were designed to address this dilemma by bringing together the most effective instructional practices in one integrated student activity.

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*If you would like training on a topic not listed and if your school is able to pay for the training, we will be happy to recommend a trainer. Please contact Meri Carnahan at carnahan@doe.state.in.us or 317-234-1329.

**Not all training will be approved for funding by the Indiana Department of Education. This is dependant on training topic, number of previously approved requests from a specific school/corporation, and availability of funds.